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her brother played the riot


SATURDAY SEPT. 13TH 2008, 9h30pm, 10$
ZOOBIZARRE, 6388 St-Hubert (Metro Beaubien)

Blue Skies Turn Black presents: Lymbyc Systym, This Will Destroy You, Thisquietarmy.

Lymbyc Systym and This Will Destroy You are both from Texas on tour, both on Magic Bullet Records. The former is an electronic synth/drum duo, the latter is an epic post-rock band. I'm delighted to open for them, should be a good show. And finally, i get my name on a hip show poster by a local artist - this one by Tyler K. Raumann.


SUNDAY SEPT. 14TH 2008, 9h00pm, $FREE$
PETIT CAMPUS, 57 Prince-Arthur E. (Metro Sherbrooke)

Le Salon de la Musique Indépendante de Montréal 2008 & Espionnage presents GUITARAPOCALYPSE: AUN, Thisquietarmy, Maggot Breeder & Thierry Gauthier.

We'll end the night with a 4-guitar dark ambient/noise mega-jam, ho yes.


And for the superfans who will attend both shows (yes, that's right: YOU!), i will make an extra effort to play two different sets (70% at least).


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