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travel is dangerous



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You're playing the Underscore!!!! :-D

yeah, er... is that good? this place looks fancy schmancy on their website, how am i supposed to trash my guitar after my set?

you're gonna be there, right? right? i'm guestlisting you this time, cause this one has been put up by elika themselves i think, and yeah. last time was just horrible, horrible.

can't wait to see you! :D

No, it's really not that fancy. It's in a fancy/rich neighbourhood, but the place itself has a bit of a grungy feel: the stage is pretty small, it's in the basement, the sound is kinda... weird, too loud or badly regulated sometimes, and the last time I was there, the roof leaked over a part of the bar :)

But yes, I'm totally there! Those guys you met last time (the friends of mine in a band -- I'll invite them to go see you and Elika again), they've played at the Underscore a bunch of times, their booking agent represents that place. Did you arrange the show yourself or is it through the agent? I think his name is Lee Sobel?

i'm definitely playing as loud as i can! no, well. my set will probably be different. last time i played, it was like my 2nd solo show only. but i probably won't have my two amps with me, so again i'll have to do what i'll have to do with what i have...

the name lee sobel does sound familiar, i think he was the one behind the show at cb's g. if he's representing the place, then i'm assuming elika went through him.

oh oh oh. and thursday nov. 1st, Caspian is playing in brooklyn, i'll be coming down for that... you should definitely come with me, they're one of the most amazing live bands ever. they always blow me away when they come up here. check them out if you haven't already

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please come! even if there's a storm... im leaving from new york now with elika, hope to see you there...

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it was a show at a DIY promoter/label's house - you can find more info on - - - it was really cool, very cozy and intimate, almost perfect.

your link points to youtube? what are the stuff that you've done, if you can be more specific.

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plz remove the pic of me you have on your myspace.

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Happy New Year[url=],[/url] harry! :)

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